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  • Upper Mission4600 Lakeshore Rd. 250.872.2222
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  • “The pizza is the best in Kelowna!”     ~ Avi Stevens
    “Good food.  Good Service.”     ~ Marilyn Mack
    “Mr Mozzarella tops them all!”     ~ Norma Merrifield
    “More stores!”     ~ Justin Birdger
  • “Magical. Party Poppin'. Unicorn Droppin'. Dope.”     ~ Jaim Dawg
    “Straight up fantastic.”     ~ Conner Botterill
    “Wowzers!”     ~ Alvia Dribnenki
    “Best pizza in town. Period.”     ~ Scott Fallis
  • “You are awesome!”     ~ Lucy Detlaas
    “Excellent.”     ~ Andrey Girrard
    “Awesome 'Za! Best in town and worth the drive.”     ~ Dakota Thompson
    “Best pizza in Kelowna.”     ~ Yin Bovisin

The Best Pizza in Town

Simply put, Mr. Mozzarella is the place to order the finest pizza & wings in the Okanagan!

In four short years, we have built a great reputation for the best sauces, spices and ingredients that you’ll find anywhere! That was when a couple of entrepreneurial brothers from Ottawa introduced Mr. Mozzarella to Kelowna and, in this short time, our company has rapidly become the pizza of choice for so many loyal customers.

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